What ıs Haır Transplantatıon?

We can describe hair transplantation as transmitting healthy hair follicles which are in nape region (donor area) to the region in accordance with your request by taking …

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Haır Transplantatıon Wıth FUE Method

The priority of hair transplants by using FUE method is; suture is not used in this method so this is a seamless method. In our country, FUE method has been started to…

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Hair Transplantation Supported by PRP

PRP term is the shortened version of “Platelet Rich Plasma”. It means “Thrombocytes enriched plasma cell”. Nowadays, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment which is used…

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Why Medical Plast?

– Medical Plast is a brand that is constantly updating itself by following the most high-tech of medicine.

– In Medical Plast the patient is never considered as a customer.

– Hair transplantation is a good team work. Medical Plast team consists of carefully selected specialists.

– In Medical Plast even the smallest operations are performed in the operating conditions.

– Medical Plast is always one step ahead of its competitors with its specific ways.

Frequently Asked Questions in Hair Transplantation PRP

Transplanted hair shedding begins after 20-25 days of hair transplantation. This may vary according to the individual conditions. Please don’t worry about hair shedding. You will lose your hair after the first transplantation process and after 2-3 months your hair will begin to grow. In 10-11 months your hair will grow completely.

Hair transplantation surgery is a process which takes about 6-10 hours. Of course, this situation varies according to the amount graft will be transplanted and according to size of region that operation will be performed on..

After a successful hair transplantation operation a natural appearance is provided. The method chosen for hair transplantation, placing hair follicle and angles given to planted grafts play an important role in natural hair look.\r\n\r\nThe hairline is very important for a natural look. That’s why the hairline should be determined successfully. A natural appearance is achieved as a result of a successful operation.

In FUT method, when hair is taken from nape cutting and sewing operations are applied so scars may remain in the nape region. In FUE method, hair is taken one by one from the nape, any scar is not in question.

Hair Transplantation surgery is performed under local anesthesia. During the operation, the patient is still awake. Even, during the operation the patient will be able to converse easily with people around. No pain is felt during the process in any way. After the operation, when the patient is going to home, a few painkillers are given to patient. These painkillers should be used if they felt any pain.

There is no age limit for hair transplantation operation. If any thinning and shedding is seen on hair of patient, this operation can be applied to anyone. In hair transplantation surgery age is not a matter, the important thing in this operation is how much person’s hair is shedding or thinning. So it will be better that if the patient gets information from an expert surgeon as soon as possible after the beginning of hair loss, the patient.

After the hair transplantation operation is completed you can return to your normal life. And after 2-3 days you can return to your work life. After two weeks from the hair transplantation process, scaling and redness that occurs in the area of operation will be good. However, in the first 2 weeks you should protect this region from any shock.

The hair transplantation surgery is a procedure which needs very much care and attention. Accordingly, the prices of this procedure can vary according to the services given and transactions. The prices are determined according to the number of grafts which will be transplanted to the patient and according to session. If hairless area of the person is little, price may be cheaper. If hairless area of the person is large, prices will be increased accordingly